Friday, July 30, 2010

In Praise of Good Weather

Although I don't attribute much of my character to my Idaho Farm roots, I feel that my love of being outside is directly related to the space and the land I grew up in. I'm not a hiker or a camper, but a nice long walk along the Potomac, or an afternoon spent on my deck chaise makes me happy.
Today is one of the few summer days that I can sit outside without rehydrating every moment. The humidity has gone, the heat is a moderate 85 degrees, and a slight breeze cools me down just as I begin to reach for my glass. Today is especially pleasant, somewhere, someone is playing Classical music to accompany my musings. My geraniums are all in bloom, and my herb pot is sending wafts of rosemary my way. Ahhh.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Servant Leadership

To deepen my scripture study, for the last year or so, I write each day about that day's reading. It's only one page, and I just jot down ideas of why I think this scripture appeals to me. With no other thoughts today (except for a safe surgery for mom), here is my scripture study.
"...if thou wilt be a servant unto this people this day, and will serve them, and answer them, and speak good words to them, then they will be thy servants forever." 1 Kings 12:7
I'm often surprised at how relevant and fresh are the words of the Old Testament. Servant leadership, it is a management model gaining popularity. The simple words of these men 3,000 years ago apply today: serve people, answer them [hear them first!], and speak good words to them. My favorite boss's applied those principles, and I would work for them again and again.
When the nieces were out, we went to Mt. Vernon. The introductory film shows an apparently famous scene from Washington's life. Once, during the French and Indian War, Washington and his leader were caught in an ambush (with an entire troop). The leader is immediately killed, but Washington takes over. He directs everyone, keeps his troops from killing each other (accidentally), and leads them all to safety. All of this he does while being shot at, surrounded by utter chaos, and having two horses shot out from under him. No wonder people believed he could eventually defeat the British.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Isn't it amazing the inspiration that happens when you awake? This morning I had several little AHA moments as I was coming up from the depths of a great night's sleep (seven hours of seemingly peaceful rest). I had a small item about a project due at Christmas, another thought about how to improve a resume, and a short list of to dos for the day. A great start to the day.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Recently, I've been wondering about my passion -- what draws me away from the remote or a book long enough to feel like I'm indulging in me?
I've tried reading An Abundant Life this year, but I find her a bit hokey. And that is my sister's thing, self-help books. I don't think I'm a writer/blogger, as I can become very stressed at the thought of having to commit thoughts to paper. That is the talent of my friends/sisters-in-law. I have quilted squares, and realize that I like it, and I love having quilts, but I don't believe it truly suits me, it just seems like a means to an end. For example, when I finally figure out what my bedroom should look like, I then reupholster my bed, or recover the pillows -- having projects works for me. But just to consistently be on the look out for fabric, isn't me. I think my joyfull quilter pals are the ones sending me on this quest. I see their joy, and I want to know what would make me feel that way.
Can my passion be not in one thing, but in trying new things? Can I be a passionate tryer? A one-time works for me doer? Perhaps, I'll ponder that, and try trying things this week, and see if variety brings passion.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Music and me

Years ago, I was standing in line for free concert tickets (I believe Harry Connick, Jr. which leads me to believe that I was doing this as a favor to someone else). A local radio station was trolling the crowd asking questions, and asked me, which station do you usually listen to? I said "talk radio" meaning NPR, but perhaps he thought I was a WTOP fan. I realized then that I rarely just listen to music. I bought my first MP3 player to listen to books on tape and podcasts to accompany me on walks. So I wondered, when did I lose track of music?
Last night I borrowed my friend M's Chess album. I think I first copied J's album during Washington Seminar. I listened over and over to that album! And, since it was on tape, I have way to many memories of singing Merano, Merano...
Last nights listening led to today's background. Today, I've listened to music all day as I've been working (and wondering how I can get my "speeches" saved as music off my iPod playlist). I love hearing a song with lots of memories attached. I apparently mostly love mellow, as nothing too exciting has played today. Lot's of 80s music, or just 80s artists. I also love new interpretations of old classics. I am currently obsessed with Aretha Franklins 1960s recording fo What a difference a day makes. So today, I've reconnected to the music in me, we'll see what tomorrow brings.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

I can't believe Arlington's luck in having snow, snow, snow this year! I've been here for every fall. Today, I had friends over to have a read-in (which quickly changed to a let's chat about random things, and check the weather guy every two hours or so to get the official count). Pancakes for breakfast, nummy chicken enchiladas for lunch, and a great walk to feel like there was some "exercise" for balance.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Home for Christmas

So, I'm home for Christmas and my mother is sorting through old files. One labeled Michelle has pictures of the mission (I looked great next to the llama), clippings from newspapers (I actually made the Washington Post in a ball gown!), and letters home from my first few years in DC. My favorite "find" has to be this photo snapped right before leaving for prom -- the question is -- where was my brother Joel going to?