Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Recently, I've been wondering about my passion -- what draws me away from the remote or a book long enough to feel like I'm indulging in me?
I've tried reading An Abundant Life this year, but I find her a bit hokey. And that is my sister's thing, self-help books. I don't think I'm a writer/blogger, as I can become very stressed at the thought of having to commit thoughts to paper. That is the talent of my friends/sisters-in-law. I have quilted squares, and realize that I like it, and I love having quilts, but I don't believe it truly suits me, it just seems like a means to an end. For example, when I finally figure out what my bedroom should look like, I then reupholster my bed, or recover the pillows -- having projects works for me. But just to consistently be on the look out for fabric, isn't me. I think my joyfull quilter pals are the ones sending me on this quest. I see their joy, and I want to know what would make me feel that way.
Can my passion be not in one thing, but in trying new things? Can I be a passionate tryer? A one-time works for me doer? Perhaps, I'll ponder that, and try trying things this week, and see if variety brings passion.

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Kathryn said...

Self-help sister here :) Frankly, I've come to hate the word "passion." It's such a loaded word. I prefer "interests" or "amusements" or something that doesn't make me feel like if I haven't thrown over my entire life to pursue something all consuming then I'm a loser. So I'm totally onboard with you dabbling a bit in the things that interest you. Can't wait to see what those things might be!