Monday, July 19, 2010

Music and me

Years ago, I was standing in line for free concert tickets (I believe Harry Connick, Jr. which leads me to believe that I was doing this as a favor to someone else). A local radio station was trolling the crowd asking questions, and asked me, which station do you usually listen to? I said "talk radio" meaning NPR, but perhaps he thought I was a WTOP fan. I realized then that I rarely just listen to music. I bought my first MP3 player to listen to books on tape and podcasts to accompany me on walks. So I wondered, when did I lose track of music?
Last night I borrowed my friend M's Chess album. I think I first copied J's album during Washington Seminar. I listened over and over to that album! And, since it was on tape, I have way to many memories of singing Merano, Merano...
Last nights listening led to today's background. Today, I've listened to music all day as I've been working (and wondering how I can get my "speeches" saved as music off my iPod playlist). I love hearing a song with lots of memories attached. I apparently mostly love mellow, as nothing too exciting has played today. Lot's of 80s music, or just 80s artists. I also love new interpretations of old classics. I am currently obsessed with Aretha Franklins 1960s recording fo What a difference a day makes. So today, I've reconnected to the music in me, we'll see what tomorrow brings.


Kathryn said...

Seems like everytime I get to choose the playlist in the car when I'm traveling with my grown kids, the stuff is pretty mellow (dare I say dirge-like.) Though I do have playlists of "Music to Clean By"and "Music to Exercise To" that's a little more upbeat. But somehow, if I'm working at my desk or just putzing around, I'm inclined to listen to the singer/songwriters of yesterday and today. Just heard Jim Croce's "Time in a Bottle" at a gas station in Idaho and thought maybe it was time to add that to my list.

Michelle said...

Totally need to have some Jim Croce. Every now and again, Bad Bad LeRoy Brown should come back in my life. I love that you have Music to Clean to. Perhaps I should do that.